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June 28, 2024

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Trumpeter-Vocalist Ilya Serov releases a colorful collection of contemporary jazz


His first album entirely consisting of original songs that he had a hand in writing and

producing with Paul Brown, Adam Hawley and Darren Rahn is out now. Jeff Ryan and Oli

Silk guest on the project.


AUSTIN, TX (28 JUNE 2024): The last couple of years have been transformational for

trumpeter-singer Ilya Serov both musically and personally. Having released three albums

centered on his modern interpretations of tunes culled from the Great American Songbook,

Serov’s newly released Silky Sound Records album, “Colors,” is his first collection comprised

entirely of original songs that he had a hand in writing. This artistic rebirth happened

simultaneously to Serov becoming a father for the first time. Both life-changing events celebrate

the maturation of the man and the musician.

The ten songs that make up “Colors” provide a vibrant palette of soul-jazz, R&B grooves and

Brazilian jazz instrumentals along with a few iridescent pop vocals. Serov produced three tracks

and tapped two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown, multiple Grammy nominee Darren Rahn

and 16-time Billboard chart-topper Adam Hawley to produce the rest. Billboard hitmakers Jeff

Ryan (saxophone) and Oli Silk (keyboards) were brought in as featured players.

“Colors” closes with “Blossom,” a gorgeous ballad that embodies Serov’s flourishing growth.

“It took many years of being a professional musician and releasing albums featuring songs from

the Great American Songbook until I was able to overcome my insecurities and vulnerabilities

and gain confidence to reveal my inner voice and share creative ideas to the public. ‘Colors’ is

a tapestry, fusion of musical genres, blend of cultures and backgrounds, friendships and so

much more,” said the Austin, Texas-based Serov.

The album opens with the first single, “Champagne Sky,” a vintage contemporary jazz

instrumental showcasing Serov’s regal trumpet with elegant nylon guitar nuances perfectly

placed by Brown. It was the first song penned for the project.

Hawley helmed “Beat of My Heart,” a pop gem that Serov said was written as a note of gratitude

for his family, wife Amanda and son Caden. According to Serov, Caden’s terrible twos arrived

as the artist worked on the album, which made life more complicated and the project more

challenging and stressful to complete.

“Family, touring and studio work were hard to balance. Lots of sleepless nights with the baby. It

was hard to keep my mind fresh and have a lot of energy to create. Having a family is an

amazing thing, despite all the challenges. With this song, I want to remind myself of it every

day,” Serov shared.

The beaming midtempo “Glow” was the second single from “Colors” and it’s another Serov-

Hawley collab followed by a third Hawley production, “Sea Breeze.” Ryan’s tenor sax shines on

the funky instrumental.

“I am so happy my dear friend Jeff (Ryan) was able to join me on this track. He’s an incredible

saxophonist with one of the best tones and energy,” enthused Serov.

Serov and Brown link up again on the dreamy slice of sensual pop “Ice & Fire,” which was

accompanied by a handsome video (

A longtime fan of Brazilian music, Serov surrounded himself with Brazilian musicians to track “A

Day in Rio.” Grammy-winning bassist Hussain Jiffry (Sergio Mendes, Herb Alpert) cowrote the

song with Serov and plays on the multicultural excursion.

“I always have been a huge fan of Brazilian music. Samba and bossa nova are my obsessions. I

have been to Brazil a few times and every time I went, I wanted to write something using

Brazilian beats and instrumentation. An incredible bassist, Hussain Jiffry and I have talked

about a collaboration for a few years and the stars aligned on ‘A Day in Rio.’ I had a blast

producing this track and building it piece by piece with the most amazing Brazilian players,” said



Serov chronicles the experience of making the album on the vocal number “Tunnel Vision,” a

cut produced and cowritten by Rahn that became an expression of mindfulness and

appreciation for Serov.

“The days in the studio were starting to blend one into the other. That’s when the idea for

‘Tunnel Vision’ came up. It was my way of reminding myself of the things that are important.

Working on this song was a great outlet for me and helped me to continue. Working on the

album was super fun and exciting,” said Serov.

Silk’s keyboards help buoy “Afloat,” a soothing song that Serov wrote a few years ago and

saved for this album. On the track, Serov played an innovative new horn that he co-created

called a jazzohorn, which is a unique hybrid of a flugelhorn and a saxophone.

Serov’s muted trumpet and sultry voice combine on the ambient “Dreams,” which Hawley


Teaming with friend and collaborator Nick Petrillo (keyboards) on the poignant and pretty

“Blossom” enabled both musicians to tap into their classical backgrounds.


Citing jazz legend Chet Baker as a major inspiration, Serov’s last outing was the 2021 “Just

Friends” album on which he kept the company of sax star Dave Koz, keyboardist Greg

Manning, guitarist Kay-Ta Matsuno, vocalist Matt Cusson and saxophonist Alex Hahn. It was

Serov’s third album that served a blend of Great American Songbook standards and original

songs. His 2013 debut album, “September in the Rain,” was a big band date followed five

years later by “Back in Time,” an album that featured collaborations with piano icon Roger

Kellaway, six-time Grammy nominated saxophonist Eric Marienthal, and Grammy-winning

percussionist Poncho Sanchez. Serov has also composed music for film and has performed on

scores that include “Creed II,” “Deadpool 2” and “Addams Family 2.”

The album release will be feted on July 26 with a concert at Spaghettini south of Los Angeles.

Joining him will be multi-instrumentalist Justin-Lee Schultz. A popular performer at jazz

festivals, clubs, theaters and at sea aboard Koz’s all-star cruise (Serov will be back aboard in

2025), Serov will play the Glass City Jazz Festival in Toledo, Ohio on August 10, Spaghettini

again on September 8 with special guest Tom Braxton, and the Oxnard Jazz Festival on

September 15. Come the holiday season, Serov will join Keiko Matsui for a Christmas concert

on December 8 in Florida.


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“Colors” contains the following songs:

“Champagne Sky”

“Beat of My Heart”


“Sea Breeze” featuring Jeff Ryan

“Ice & Fire”

“A Day in Rio”

“Tunnel Vision”

“Afloat” featuring Oli Silk




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