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JUST FRIENDS album is dedicated to one of America’s most iconic jazz trumpet players and singers, Chet Baker. I titled the album Just Friends after a classic jazz standard of the same name that Chet included in his own repertoire. His rendition of it inspired me when I was a young musician, and pushed me to start finding my own voice in the world of jazz. As my composition and playing styles matured over the years, I began to wonder what Chet, with his musical genius, would sound like if he was a contemporary jazz artist today. 


That's how the idea behind my latest album was born. I have tried to show the connection between several generations of jazz, reimagining Chet’s most recognizable songs from the Great American Songbook with my renditions. I've also included a few of my own original, contemporary tunes, created from that same inspiration. And to add further to the evolutionary mix, this album is also a debut for my new, custom-built, one-of-a-kind instrument I call the "Jazzohorn." I hope you appreciate its smooth tone and unique look!  

All in all, I’m convinced that the world of jazz is alive and well, and ever evolving. Thank you for being a part of my artistic journey!



Just Friends (CD)

  • Contemporary jazz album "Just Friends" by ILYA SEROV released in 2021. 


    Track List:

    1. Just Friends

    2. Ironic

    3. There Will Never Be Another You (feat. Matt Cusson)

    4. Heat (feat. Dave Koz)

    5. Time After Time (feat. Greg Manning)

    6. Chillin'

    7. Let's Get Lost (feat. Alex Hahn)

    8. My Funny Valentine

    9. Everything Happens To Me (feat. Matt Cusson)

    10. Night in St. Petersburg (feat. Kay-Ta Matsuno)

    11. Daybreak

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